Just a little list of items that I really want, but just haven’t found yet or don’t have the money for.

1. Galaxy leggings. I haven’t found them ANYWHERE yet. It’s frustrating. The only way to get them would be ordering them online, but my parents won’t let me buy stuff online.

2. A peach blazer. These aren’t very difficult to find, but I haven’t found the Perfect One yet.

By http://highteastyle.files.wordpress.com

3.  Baby pink Doc Martens

4.  This head thingy. I don’t even know what it’s called, but I want it.

5. Awesome jewellery! I know that about everything in my wishlist are hipster items, but I can’t help it that they’re so awesome :)



6. One of these bathing suit things:


7. These gorgeous heels. Anything Jeffrey Campbell actually.

8. A pair of high waist denim shorts.


9. A bohemian pattern tight skirt.

10. A pair of Isabel Marant sneakers, though I probably won’t be able to afford them. So I’ll just settle with another pair of cute sneakers. Found a lovely pair of Nikes for €95, so I’m currently saving up.

11. And sooooooo much more.


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