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DIY: Three nail art designs!

If you scroll further down, you can see my previous post with gorgeous nail designs I found upon browsing Tumblr. Between the nail art pictures, I also stumbled upon a few nail art tutorials, which I’d like to share with you guys!

1. Gold leaf triangle nails: Obviously you can buy expensive gold foil, but I think this will also work out just fine with aluminium foil. Paint your nails in your preferred colour, cut out pieces of foil, put a little bit of glue on them and stick them to your nails. You can easily file the ends.

2. Ethnic/tribal nail art: Basically, you start with taking a ziplock bag, and painting a big rectangle on it with white nail polish. If you want to, apply a second coat as well. Wait for it to dry completely, then peel it off and cut out your decals as shown in step four. Apply a base coat on your nails in your preferred colour. When this nail polish is still slightly wet, a bit sticky, apply the decals to your nail. Cut off as close to your cuticles as possible, and apply a top coat.

3. Galaxy nails: Start off with applying a black coat, even two if necessary. With a make up sponge, apply shimmery silver polish in the middle. Allow for it to dry. Again using a sponge, apply bits of hot pink and dark blue to your galaxy. Finish off with a sheer polish with glitter to get a three dimensional starry effect. This tutorial might remind you of one of my previous posts, Nail art: Galaxy nails.



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Beauty gurus on Youtube

You’ve probably seen many a video on Youtube where self-proclaimed girls tell you all their tips and tricks for make-up, hair and fashion. Browse the Internet for five minutes and you’ll find hundreds of these. There are so many that you can’t see the wood for trees, which is why I’ll give you a brief list of my favourites (and why I like them).

1. DiamondsAndHeels14: Cassandra is one of my biggest inspirations because she’s gorgeous, yet she still looks and behaves normal. She has a lot of skin impurities (which she shows in this video, she earned my eternal respect with this one) but covers them up so well that you can barely notice anything. She gives tips on make-up, skin problems, things like ‘how to whiten your teeth naturally’ and so on.


2. Lisaeldridgedotcom: Lisa Eldridge is a professional make up artist. She makes very professional videos, using quite expensive but decent products. One of her best videos (in my honest opinion) would be the ‘Holly Golightly’-look (Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)). Another reason to subscribe to her is her lovely accent!

3.  MichellePhan: Obviously I can’t make a Youtube beauty gurus list without including Michelle Phan. She has these amazingly easy beauty tricks (ice cucumber pads, anyone?) and stunning how-to make up videos, such as this one inspired by Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Latin America. Love it! She has a second, more personal Youtube channel as well.

4. Dope2111: Tamang Phan is more than a make up artist, she can completely transform in any celebrity you can imagine! She’s very good in face shaping, you have to see it to believe it. Here’s an incredible Adriana Lima and Bellatrix Lestrange because I looove Harry Potter.

5. JLovesMac1: Last but not least I present you Jarmaine. She has really quick and easy tutorials on make up for girls with glasses and contouring your face. She’s not afraid of pulling weird faces and acting crazy, which makes the videos double as much fun to watch.


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