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Photopost: Leather

I’m currently 20 years old, which means I am really an adult now. I can no longer hide behind the fact of still being in my teens. It also means I now behave mature, which I proved once again by how I handled finding a huuuuge spider on my bedroom wall yesterday evening, when I wanted to go to bed.

I didn’t scream for my mum or dad to come and get rid of it. No, I decided I was a big girl and I could handle this on my own. Which is why I immediately reached for my big bottle of Syoss hairspray, extra hold and extra shine. I was always told hairspray stiffens spiders within seconds, which should make it easier to kill them. When I pointed the hairspray bottle to the spider, I suddenly hesitated. What if I sprayed the spider, it dropped from the wall and used its last strength to crawl under my closet?

So I decided to use the flat cap of the bottle to kill the spider immediately. It would be quicker, more effective, and I would not lose any hairspray, haha! Oh boy, was I wrong. As soon as I raised the bottle and brought it closer, the spider dropped from the wall and crawled into the direction of my bare feet. I nearly started to shriek, until I remembered my parents sleeping in the next room, so I only let out a surprised gasp (because I’m that mature, yes).

I still managed to spray the spider once before it turned around and hid under my closet (oh the irony). I haven’t seen it since, but I bet it has a healthy shine all over now.

I spent the remaining part of the night straight up in bed, cringing with every itch I felt on my legs. Because that’s also a part of being mature: being able to handle your own problems, even if they don’t go as expected.

Maybe I should try to toughen up a bit. I nearly slept on the couch last night, which is not really an indication of being mature or grown up. And what’s more tough than leather?

(So far the longest introduction I ever wrote on a photopost, but I really wanted to share my spider disaster with you all, haha)


(As usual, all pictures were retrieved from Pinterest. Just search for ‘leather‘, ‘leather skirt‘, ‘leather dress‘ etc.)




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DIY: Louboutin nails

With all the shoe posts on my blog lately (DIY Neon shoes, Photopost: Stunning heels), a shoe inspired nail art design obviously had to be included.
This post will show you how to achieve the luxurious Louboutin look… on your nails!

Adele introduced this fierce manicure look to the big crowd by wearing it to the Grammy’s.  The underside of her nails were a deep red, like the famous Louboutin sole, while the upper side of the nails were a glittery, silvery blue.

This look is actually very easy to achieve. I recommend using fake nails though, otherwise your red polish will be all over your skin, and you will probably not get a nice, smooth finish.
Simply take your fake nails, and paint half of the underside in a dark of bright red, whichever you prefer. For the upper side of the fake nails, you can actually choose any colour you like, though I would recommend using dark, simple and cold colours, such as black, grey, silver or dark blue,  to make sure the red bottom catches the attention. Simple apply the fake nails as usual, and you’re ready to go!

Here’s a video, so you can have a better view of how it’s done (video by PicturesqueMakeup):


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Shatter/Crackle nail polishes

You’ve probably already heard about them: crackle nail polishes. They give you a kind of edgy, alternative look, which I love!

I got two of them for Christmas, an electric blue one from La Femme Beauty and a black one from Essence.  As I was very excited to get them (I especially asked to get one, because I love the crackle effect), I tried them rightaway. Little did I know that you had to paint your nails in another colour first as a base for the crackle to work. I tried them on my bare nails, and of course they didn’t crackle whatsoever. So at first I thought they didn’t work, because they were quite cheap, and perhaps of poor quality. But after a bit of research on Google I quickly learnt that I needed a base layer. As luck would have it, my little sister also bought me this mintgreen nail polish (Essence, 79 Vive la Green), which I could use as a base coat. I finished it with a black crackle, and the result was simply stunning! My nails looked like they could star in a commercial for Monster Energy drinks, haha!

by VeraCamilla.nl

by http://lacquerbuzz.blogspot.com  by http://lacquerbuzz.blogspot.com

I haven’t really tried the electric blue crackle polish yet, but I was thinking of combining it with a metallic pink. What colours would you recommend me? As soon as I try it I’ll upload a photo, but my nailbeds look like chapped pinecones right now (thank you winter!) so I didn’t feel like photographing them.

And, what do you think of the mintgreen and black combo? Do you guys like or already have crackle polishes? And in which colours?


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