How fashion open-minded is your world?

Have you, as the graceful fashion icon you are, ever experienced this? You try something new in your outfit, take one last confident look at the mirror before you strut out the door, but as soon as you see your friends you notice a look of how-am-I-going-to-tell-her-she-looks-weird in their eyes?

You ask them how they like your *insert new item here*, and all you get is a bit of mumbling, a pitiful nod and a “well, it sure looks… different.”. You have no idea how often I’ve experienced this!

I already mentioned it in my Essence + Catrice Nail Polishes Haul: the world (or at least my friends) is not ready for pastel yellow nail polish on your toes. Whereas I absolutely looooved my toes and couldn’t stop admiring them, the comment I got mostly was “Nice colour… But I would prefer it on your fingernails.”. Because apparently, the only colours generally acceptable for your toes are reds and pinks. Perhaps black as well, but there’s still a bit of discussion upon that between my friends. I googled for colourful toe nails (do NOT google yellow toe nails. I warned you) and I found all kinds of beautiful colours, and they absolutely don’t look weird to me!


The way I see it: I’m a huge fan of nail polishes. My stash is ashamingly big, and I love bold colours. Painting my toe nails in bright colours is just doubling the fun! If I can’t choose between two colours for my finger nails, hey, it doesn’t matter, I’ve got ten toes to paint as well! (Am I weird? Probably.)

My second experience happened in the H&M, where I was shopping with my sister and a friend. I’ve been looking all over for a mullet skirt, preferably a sheer black or dark blue/green one. I found a blue silk one, with flowers, and I just HAD to try it on. My first mullet skirt, so exciting! Or, well, my excitement quickly faded after I noticed the look of disapproval on my sister’s face. “Eeh, you do realize that skirt’s short in the front, and long in the back, right?”

I tried to lighten up the mood by making a mullet skirts: short in the front, party in the back joke, but I don’t think she got it (If they ever re-make Friends and they need a female version of Chandler Bing -I’m your man woman). Bye bye enthusiasm, and so I was no longer in the mood to buy the skirt. I wasn’t sure I looked good in it in the first place anyway, but still.

Next up: head chains. I tried one on while shopping and my friend immediately responded with “Uhm, that necklace is too small if you can’t even fit it over your head.”. Yeah, very funny. Although she really thought it was a necklace. She never even heard of head chains. “Isn’t that something Bollywood actresses wear?” Funny comment of the day, number two.

I personally really adore head chains. They can give a really cute boho look, compared to a waving skirt (a mullet skirt, perhaps?) and lots of bangling bracelets. But they’re still a bit weird for the average crowd, apparently.

The same goes for hats. I tried on a straw one and although both my mum and sister said that they liked it, I could see the doubt in their eyes. I liked the look of a straw hat on my head, especially since I got that balayage/ombré dye and I no longer straighten my hair -embrace messy hair!

It kinda strikes me how people still look a bit surprised when they see someone wearing a straw hat -even though that’s getting more and more common!

There are still a thousand more things I love and people don’t really get, such as Doc Martens (“Aren’t those only for goths and punks?”), Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas (“They look like clown shoes to me.” -My mum actually said this), crop tops (“The nineties called, they want their top back.”), statement necklaces, bright eye shadows, huge rings, even ombré hair (“Did you do that to your hair on purpose or…?”). Clearly, the world isn’t ready for a bunch of fashionistas like us. Which makes it our job, our duty, our destiny to prepare them! I know I wrote about how I didn’t buy the mullet skirt/head chain/straw hat, but I totally should have! I should NOT let anyone else tell me what I should or shouldn’t wear. If I think it’s pretty (and not too expensive, since I’m still a poor college student), I shall buy and proudly wear it!

Say NO to people all over the world wearing exactly the same, because they are afraid of standing out. Say NO to yet another day of your favourite basic jeans and a basic shirt. Experiment, create, explore, live! Viva la revolución! (Ok, maybe I’m taking this a little bit too far. But it’s true.)

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5 responses to “How fashion open-minded is your world?

  1. I’ve been browsing online more than three hours these days, yet I by no means found any fascinating article like yours. It is beautiful worth sufficient for me. In my opinion, if all web owners and bloggers made just right content material as you probably did, the web might be a lot more helpful than ever before.

  2. Hello.This post was really motivating, especially because I was looking for thoughts on this subject last Friday.

  3. yep my life exactly! but hey it is me and take it or leave it! my best friend knows me and she is used to it and she still walks besides me on the street, so no worries. But there is one thing that strikes me: all bloggers want to stand out! why do they all wear the exact same outfit?

    • True that! And that actually is a very good question. I think, first of all, that bloggers are more aware of fashion and that it’s not purely a matter of standing out. Second of all, sometimes it actually is a matter of standing out. It depends on how you look at it. If you would look at the blogger in his/her natural environment (I feel like I’m talking about some animal species, haha), they often do stand out. Take one look on the (Belgian) streets, and you’ll immediately be able to pick out the fashionistas (and bloggers).
      But of course, we humans are still a big bunch of herd mammals. Lots of people secretly want to stand out, but they lack the courage to do so, so they’ll strike the gold mean instead by finding sympathizers who are on the same boat on line. They kind of adapt to each other’s styles, because it gives them the opportunity to stand out in their own neighbourhood, but still have a connection.
      (Actually, I have no idea if what I just rambled above is correct. I had a Philosophy exam last Monday and I think I’m still a bit in the mood.)

      Want to know something funny?
      As a kid/young teenager, I used to be quite the goth chick. Long black dresses, dog collars, you name it: if it’s black, I’d wear it! Throughout the years, people at school and around town had gotten used to my looks. I felt comfortable, was no longer being stared at, it really felt great. But on one peculiar hot summerday morning, I decided that wearing black would be too hot, so I wore an off white flower skirt with a beige top, just because I felt like it. It wasn’t very different to me, but it was so funny to see everyone stare as if I came from another planet. Funny opposite world, I guess. :)

      Standing out is a matter of personal opinion. There are some people who feel like they stand out if they wear mascara for once, because they normally never do. But I get your point. If you go on fashion blogs, Tumblr or Pinterest, all you see is American hipsters wearing USA flag booty shorts, Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas and a crop top. Their hair is usually in a high bun and they wear (fake?) glasses. (Personally, I do not longer believe hipsters are people trying to be original and creative, I think hipster is just another fashion style/hype/phase.)

      (Someone please stop me, or I’ll continue writing down my opinions till eternity. Ok no, I’ll just stop right here.)

      Thanks for your comment!

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