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First of all, I just got back from my Linguistical Varieties oral exam and I dqjbkgJbswkjfhoib passed it! I’m so hyperactive right now, so I decided to use all that upbeat energy and put it into some blogposts!

I was browsing Facebook when I came across to this fanpage, 2DaysLook.com. And won’t you look at that, they’ve got a little contest going on right now! They’re looking for a new favourite blogger, and to enter the contest you have to write a little article about their lovely webshop and send them the link. There’s no ‘Facebook likes’ voting system (thank heavens, I really don’t like bothering my Facebook friends with that stuff), and the winner receives €50 (I’d probably spend it in their shop right away, and I’ll show you why in  a bit) and free clothing samples to review on their blog!

Obviously I’d absolutely looooove to win this! But, as I hope you all know, I’m not the kind of blogger who will write an amazingly positive article about something she doesn’t really know or like. And I have never bought anything from 2DaysLook.com yet, but I’ve been browsing their webshop and I must admit that I’m pretty impressed!

Take a look at my favourite items (click the pictures to go to the webshop!):

Vintage Bracelet 6750, €9,95

Turquoise Top T261 Pumps 3371, €109,95

Mullet Skirt 4175, €14,95

Mustache Cup Mr. Osti 3381, €17,95

Shoppingbag Eban 3678, €34,95

Moustache Ring 3903, €7,95

Mullet Dress 3338, €59,95

Lovely, right? Wish me luck with the contest! I’m off to do the dishes now and clean my room. It’s always a gigantic mess right after exams, haha.


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