DIY: Temporary dip dye hair (this time with eyeshadow!)

Ok, so I know I already wrote a post on how to temporary dip dye your hair (riiiiiiight here), but I just found yet another way to do it! I was reading some things on the Dutch ELLE website, watching a few videos, when I found a video about a hair guru, Jeffrey, who  shows how you can dip dye your hair with eyeshadow!

Obviously, you will need a lot of eyeshadow, so I recommend using one that you don’t really like or use anymore.

I will give the link to the video below, but it is in Dutch, so for my foreign readers, I will type out how you can achieve this look.

The first part of the video just shows how the model’s hair is cut. The look was inspired by current Forever 21 model Charlotte Free. When the model’s hair is cut, dried and styled, they explain how you can add pink tips.

You start off with mixing hair gel and eyeshadow in a bowl. Don’t worry if it looks like a verrrrry dark mixture -check the video, the mixture they use is very dark red as well and it still turns out to be a soft pink. Next, apply the coloured gel to your hair like you would with normal hair dye. In the video they use a special brush for it, but I think using a tooth brush will work fine as well. Start on the frontside of your hair, and go around your head painting the bottom half of your hair.

Don’t worry if it looks quite dark and hard, we’re still going to change that. Once you’re finished applying the gel, use a comb to even out the gel a bit. Last but not least, blow dry your hair. All done!

Alright, so I just found out that I cannot include the video in this post, so I’m just going to give you the link.
Click me!

Looks and sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? I personally  don’t think you can use your straightener or curler afterwards on the coloured hair btw, but hey, yolo right? (Note: I actually never say yolo. I’m just pretending to be cool, haha)



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32 responses to “DIY: Temporary dip dye hair (this time with eyeshadow!)

  1. Wauw, het is het proberen waard ! :)

  2. This is awesome! But if you use hair gel, wouldn’t the hair be stiff?? How do they get the hair to not be stiff anymore. I’m going to try this out (with some cheap eyeshadow of course). I’m not using my expensive MAC.

    • As shown in the video, you can see that when they first apply it, the hair indeed looks quite stiff. But afterwards, they brush the hair -the colour fades a little bit as well when they do that- and the hair immediately looks a lot softer.

    • MakeupGoddess4Ever

      You would just brush it out if you have ever done that with hair spray before. It just smoothes it out

  3. kate thompson

    this is a great idea! I’ve been thinking about doing this myself but I’m a bit scared! I found some I&K dip dye hair extensions so I think I’ll start by trying those – what do you think? They’re available at Hairtrade

    • They look cute! And obviously it would even be a lot easier to ‘dip dye’ your hair that way, since you can just clip ’em on and off whenever you want to. On the other hand, they’re probably quite expensive -I read they’re human hair- and you won’t have a bx orig choice of multiple colours unless you would buy several of them.
      Thx for your comment !

  4. hannah

    how long does it stay?

    • Until you wash your hair, I think. It’s very temporary, just like the dip dye with chalk or felt markers.
      I’d say you better wash your hair before going to bed if you dip dyed it with eyeshadow, otherwise you’ll stain your pillowcase. :)

  5. Very interesting points you have observed , appreciate it for posting . “The biggest fool may come out with a bit of sense when you least expect it.” by Eden Phillpotts.

  6. adjee

    I sure going to try it! thanks!

  7. lindsey

    dose it hurt yourr hair?

  8. Will it harm your hair like real proper dye

    • Proper hair dye contains a bunch of chemicals to make sure the dye gets in hair shaft. The only things you’d be using for this dip dye are hair gel and eye shadow. It would be exactly like applying coloured hair gel to your hair.
      Thx for your comment :)

  9. Maria

    My hair was stiff and crunchy.. :/
    How can I prevent that ??
    And how long does it last ?

    • Your hair will always become stiff when trying this DIY, because you’re using a big amount of hair gel in your hair.
      Perhaps you could try mixing the eyeshadow with hair mousse? I just thought of that, no idea if it works, I’ll try it and let you know !

      It’ll last until you wash your hair, but I certainly advise you to wash your hair the same evening.
      Thx for your comment !

  10. Catilina

    would it work with dark brown hair? Would it come out the same color?

    • I think that will depend on a lot of things. First of all, the structure and thickness of your hair. But also the type of eyeshadow and hairgel that you’re using. Overall, I think that the colour will probably be a bit darker. I’ve never tried it on my dark hair before though -I have an ombré/balayage dye, so I only tried it on bleached hair myself :)

  11. I didn’t have hair wax so I used hairspray and then rubbed eyeshadow into the damp hair – worked amazingly well!

  12. Anna

    Can you use conditioner instead of hair gel?

  13. Julie

    I saw a tutorial on youtube that just rubbed the eye shadow onto the hair. I did it with a bright pink and a toothbrush on the tips and it turned out soft, vibrant, and completely amazing!!! No gel needed :)

  14. could i use conditioner and then rub the eye shadow or would the eye shadow just dissapear

  15. Tien

    1) will it work on black hair? (i have a really dark brown that looks like black)
    2) and where’s the video? i know, the ELLE site but how do i get to it?
    thanks in advance

  16. MakeupGoddess4Ever

    You would just brush it out if you have ever done that with hair spray before. It just smoothes it out

  17. Kristy

    Will this work with black hair?

  18. juliette

    i may try this!

  19. Taylah

    How long does this last??

  20. Cooooolio :D gonna try asap.. Wonder how like a golden eyeshadow would look on my brown hair…. :)… Some of the tips in front are kinda blondish but I’m gonna try!! Wonder how it’ll work for curly hair… Hmm…. Since I’m biracial

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