The life of an actor perhaps isn’t always perfect, but obviously it has its charms. Acting itself is one of those great things, especially when there’s a humorous vibe on the set. Obviously every actor messes up a (few) lines from time to time, and the good part is that those bloopers are usually right in front of the camera, so you can enjoy them too!

I hereby present you a list of bloopers from my favourite soaps: Gossip Girl, Friends and The Vampire Diaries. I promise you, they’re hilarious!

Gossip Girl bloopers: Blair/Leighton and Dan/Penn really seem like really funny people on set, and I practically melted when they were mocking Chuck/Ed with his (oh so sexy) British accent!

Friends bloopers: Chandler/Matthew appears to be just as funny and ironic in real life as on set., while Phoebe/Lisa’s real laugh sounds so different than her character’s! Be sure to watch Joey/Matt stumble over a crew member hiding behind a couch.

The Vampire Diaries bloopers: Averagely not as funny as the other two, but the part where Elena/Nina acts flirty but stumbles over her gown is hilarious!



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2 responses to “Bloopers!

  1. ahahaha I just sat here watching ALL of these! Gossip Girl is my #1 favorite show and that was TOO funny!

    XO Sahra

  2. whahaha, ik heb ze net allemaal bekenen! Altijd leuk om de bloopers te bekijken :D

    Liefs, Sanne

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