Photopost: Nail art

I was on Tumblr, searching for some cool nail art diys, and I found soooooo many stunning photos with nail arts ranging from ‘even-your-neighbour’s-toddler-can-do-this’ to ‘don’t-even-think-about-trying-you’ll-kill-us-all’. As my diy skills are actually quite similar to that neighbour’s toddler, I won’t even make an attempt. But I will show you the gorgeous discoveries I made!

(Fake nails by Elegant Touch, I will be reviewing these soon!)

(fake nails by Elegant Touch, I will be reviewing these soon!)

I don’t really like nails that are waaay too long. If I can’t easily pick up my keys, it’s a no-go for me. And I’m also not a fan of all those accessories women stick to their nails. Flowers, fruits, plastic little toys? Doesn’t really look comfortable to me.
So which ones are your favourites? Some of them seem really easy to do, so easy that I might even try them out when I have the time. I’m also planning on buying a matte top coat, but so far all the ones I tried made the base colour fade. If anyone knows a good matte top coat, let me know!



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6 responses to “Photopost: Nail art

  1. i like them all, i feel like nails are making a comeback :) they were so popular in the 90’s but their for a while it felt like no one was paying attention to them. I personally love long, square boldly polished nails. I’m not a fan of “frosty” polish, glitter is ok(ish) but I just love solid bold colors :) Have fun!

    • Here in Belgium, most people I know still don’t pay any attention to their nails, which is too bad. I almost feel naked without any nail polish, I always like new colours, and sometimes a pattern or something artsy. And I don’t own any of those ‘frosty’ ones as you call them, so I don’t know if I’d like them or not. Sometimes things look gorgeous on pictures, but awful on my nails, so :) Thanks for your comment !

  2. nailpolishblogger

    There are some REALLY pretty manicures there!

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  4. i lovvvvve this!! i was about to paint my nails neon orange but now i am about to go to duane read to get some glitter!!! love love love this! what an inspiring post!

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