Adam Levine back on the singles market!

Just to get this clear: I don’t want to become another celebrity gossip blog, but if there’s something new and big in the lives of my favourite celebrities, I can’t help but post about it.

One of those favourites of mine is the recently single Adam Levine, singer of Maroon 5, who had been dating Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna for two years. However, Anne has confirmed to People Magazine that, although they’ve broken up, they still love and respect each other as friends.

They met in 2010, at a party organized by Sports Illustrated (Anne has modelled for their magazine cover several times), however Anne had confirmed in a previous interview that they didn’t really connect immediately: “He thought I was a stuck up bitch and I kind of thought he was a douchebag musician.”

Ok, so enough with the serious part, let’s get to the fun part! Obviously it’s too bad that a couple breaks up, but they’re both extremely hot, so if you look at it from the bright side: There’s two hot people back on the singles market! And since I’ve always liked the sexy Adam, here are some gorgeous pics of him, so go ahead and dream away about the life that the two of you might lead as lovers! That is, if you can make it past me, of course :)



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