Photopost: Stunning heels

All fellow shoe addicts: unite! I bring you a new photopost with the most amazing, killing, gorgeous heels ever. I am quite a shoe lover myself, because let’s face it, your shoes can make or break your entire outfit. Alright, enough with the rambling, bring in the heels! (All pictures are from Tumblr, a big part of them from this particular blog)

Obviously, these are my personal favourites, perhaps you don’t like them at all. But if you do, which ones do you love?



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9 responses to “Photopost: Stunning heels

  1. Reblogged this on The fashion power and commented:
    looooooov it!

    • Seriously, Louboutin’s trademark was just a result of boredom and red nail polish? Wow, I didn’t know that actually, I only knew they filed a suit a while ago to keep their red sole copyrighted, which they lost.

      Lovely articles! xx

  2. I’ve died and gone to shoe heaven!

    Elena x

  3. Always true! women are soooo crazy about shoes, especially like those;

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