DIY: Neon shoes

I discovered a list of DIY blogs, and obviously I’m currently following almost every single one of them. I might make a post with my favourite DIY blogs soon so you can see for yourself, but today I’m going to present you this gorgeous DIY that I found on Love Maegan (if you haven’t heard from her yet, check her out, she’s amazing).
If you’ve got a nude/brown/boring pair of gladiator sandals or other shoes and you don’t mind a little bit of neon, you could try this!

Ok, so, first of all, this is what you’ll need:

  • Shoes in a natural/nude/brown colour, preferably (gladiator) sandals or heels
  • Nailpolishes in any colours you like, and a white polish as a base coat (you can also use acrylic paint)
  • Nail polish remover and a fine brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Optional: a hair dryer to fasten the drying process

How to do it:

  1. Tape off all the areas around the parts you’re going to paint, to prevent messing.

  2. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the surface.

  3. Cover the desired areas with a layer of white nail polish. Let this primer dry for a night.


  4. Begin painting with your neon colours! Be sure to start with the lighter colours, that’ll make it easier for you to correct any mistakes afterwards. Let dry overnight.


  5. Apply a second coat of your neon nail polish. Paint on the opposite direction of your first layer, to get a more even colour. Again, let this dry overnight.

  6. If you want to, you can finish off with a top coat for extra shine and protection.
  7. Remove the tape and correct any mistakes with a cotton swab drenched in nail polish remover.


  8. Enjoy your new shoes and strut that stuff like you own it (because, well you know, you do own it)!


Again, a big thanks to LoveMaegan for this DIY!



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4 responses to “DIY: Neon shoes

  1. blancsection

    Okay, this DIY is the bomb!

  2. wow! love them! they are so chic! I HAVE to try this…I would have never thought of nail polish for this…it is a quick and easy solution.
    What a coincidence! I featured your dip dye hair tutorial on my blog, and then you run into it! I have to tell you I tried it today (the one with the markers)…it was amazing! I will definitely do it again. Today it was deep violet because I didn´t have the pink that I wanted so much… It was really awesome. Thanks!!

    • Yeah, well I didn’t just accidentally bump onto your blog. I can see where my visitors come from, and a few of them were directed from your blog, so I took a look. Your blog is really nice!
      Oh, and thank you, although I’m not taking credits as I found the dip dye ideas on other blogs myself.
      I bet the deep violet looked stunning, glad my blog could be an inspiration! xx

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