D.I.Y.: Golden twig bracelets

Alright, today I’m bringing you a brand (or should I say branch -lame puns) new D.I.Y.! I found this wonderful and very creative post on Girlscene.nl on how to turn a few twigs into a fashionable bracelet.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a few (bendable) twigs
  • gold (or silver, whatever you like) metallic paint, perhaps spraypaint if you like
  • glue or a glue gun
  • cord

And this is how you do it:

  1. Cut the twigs a little bit longer than the circumference of your wrist.

  2. Bend them into a round shape, make sure that the two ends overlap each other a bit.
  3. Enfold those ends with the cord to ensure them to stay fixed.

  4. Put a bit of glue on the cord to make it even more solid.
  5. Spray your bracelet gold or silver. Let it dry. Paint another layer.

  6. Let it dry. All done!

Hope you like it!



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One response to “D.I.Y.: Golden twig bracelets

  1. I really love your idea about the branch, making it a bracelet.

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