My favourite hair care brand

I know I haven’t posted anything in quite a while, and I’m not even going to make up any excuses for it (actually I spent the last few days partying in my Pikachu outfit -check my DIY Pokébra-, I’ll upload some pictures later). Anyway, I’m back now. This post will talk about my hair routine, the products and brands I use, etc.


Throughout the years I tried many a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, and though the results occasionally were satisfying, my hair was always extremely dry. I might as well have a wig made of straw on my head, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference (except maybe for the colour, as I’m quite a dark brunette).
But a few months ago, my younger sister (she’s 18) came home with a big unelegant bottle of Syoss conditioner. Being the sneaky sister I am, I tried it that very day, and she soon noticed because I would not shut up about how soft my hair was!

The next day I went to buy some Syoss shampoo and conditioner, and though it looks like quite an expensive brand, it really isn’t. You’ll pay more than you would for a regular cheap bottle, but the Syoss bottles are a lot bigger (About €4 for 500ml).

Most Syoss products are meant for dull and dry hair hair with split ends, from which I clearly suffered. Normally my hairdresser had to cut at least 10cm from my hair due to split ends, but last time I went there she said it was almost a miracle that I barely had any split ends. My hair is also a lot shinier than it used to be. It’s softer, easier to comb through, and less dry.

However, to every good thing there’s a less positive side. Some Syoss products contain silicons, which can make your hair very soft and shiny, but they’ll also provide difficulties when you’re planning on dyeing your hair. It will also make your hair greasy faster, so you’ll have to wash it more often. And because my hair is usually dry, washing it more often is not really a good idea.
Luckily, Syoss came up with a new type of shampoo (there even was a 2+1 for free action in my grocer, Kruidvat, score!) that doesn’t contain these silicons. Look for the bottle with blue letters. It’s for dull hair and is supposed to give you a volume lift.

Anyway, I usually wash my hair twice with the shampoo, apply the 1-Minute-Intensive Mask (found it for €2.99!) and finish with the conditioner. Afterwards, I let my hair dry naturally for as long as possible before blow drying it fastly and straightening it.

I also own a Syoss Shine&Hold hairspray, but I’ll review that one later.


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February 21, 2012 · 9:18 pm

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