My fashion/inspiration icons

Everyone has a different list of people who inspire them. Obviously, some inspirational people appear more often on those lists than others. You can also have a personal fashion inspiration list. Fashion icons who often appear on these lists are Coco Chanel, Kate Moss, the Olsen twins, Lady Gaga, etc.

I’ll give you guys a little peek in my own inspiration icons list!

1. M.I.A.: She has this lovely laid-back, idgaf attitude.


2. Sky Ferreira: Just because I love her hair and her edgy rocker-but-still-girly look.


3. Lana Del Rey: Lana is like a retro fairytale girl gone bad. Fascinating!


4. Gwen Stefani: Although La Stefani hasn’t really been in the spotlights lately, her sense of fashion will never fade. She made red lips hot again.


5. Rihanna: Her outfits are extravagant, especially the ones she wore in We Found Love.


6. Kate Moss: Druggie or not, this model has got an impeccable sense of style.


7. Taylor Momsen: I actually wasn’t a big fan of this rock chick in the Gossip Girl show, but I love her daily outfits!


I’m guessing you sort of get an idea of my style now, I like grungy, rock chick, bad girls attitude, but with a very girly touch.


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One response to “My fashion/inspiration icons

  1. glasmetwater

    My favorites in your list are Gwen Stefani, M.I.A. and Taylor Momsen…. :)

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