Nail art: Galaxy nails

The cosmos has always had a certain touch of mystery. We don’t know all its secrets, we don’t know how big it is, etc. Combine this with a nail art tutorial and you get fascinating galaxy nails! Cutepolish has a user channel on Youtube with almost a hundred creative nail art tutorials on themes like Valentine’s Day (or Forever Alone Day in my case), Halloween, animals, games, etc. The tutorial I am presenting you is obviously the galaxy nail tutorial (I’m guessing the title of my post kind of gave this one away).

According to the comments below you can easily use an old eye shadow applicator instead of a sponge -which is also easier to hold than a piece of sponge and tweezers.

I’m definitely going to try this once I get back to my dorm next week (I keep all my nail polishes there).



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3 responses to “Nail art: Galaxy nails

  1. Martine Aiyana

    so cute!

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